**The door bell rings**

‘Coming!’ Veronica yells as she makes her way to the door.

She opens the door – It’s Jim.

‘What are you doing here?’ she asks, her facial expression immediately darkens.

‘Wow, I at-least expected a hello before being asked that question.’ Jim smirks.

‘Oh, would you like me to invite you in and serve you tea and cookies as well?’ she asks sarcastically, folding her arms in front of her. ‘So I ask again, what the hell are you doing here?’

‘Okay, okay… I came to see my favorite girl.’ Jim smiles and leans in for a hug.

Veronica pushes him back.

‘Your favorite girl? Wow, was that the best you could come up with?’ she rolls her eyes. ‘You and I both know you gave up that right six months ago.’

‘Yeah, I know. It’s been haunting me ever since…’ Jim says, dropping his head.

‘I’m sorry to hear that – but I’m going to ask you to leave. Your presence is not welcome anymore…’ Veronica says as she starts to close the door.

Jim quickly stops the door from closing.

‘Is this truly the way it works? After everything, you’re just going to toss me aside like a piece of garbage and forget about me like a silly memory?’

‘Wait… what? What the hell did you expect Jim? Did you think I would just magically fall back in your arms and act like nothing ever happened? Those same arms left me to fall into the darkest pit I have every been in for a long time!’ Veronica raises her voice, trying to hide the tightness forming in her throat.

‘I know I did that, but…’

‘While your heart fucked off to who knows where, mine was left in a cage broken! Unaware why it was left to die in a fucking cage!’ Veronica screams.

‘You had no right coming back here, asking for my love again.’ tears start to run down Veronica’s cheeks as her voice squeaks under the pressure of all the emotions.

‘You’re right, you’re so right! I have no right to love you or even offer my love to you again when I chose to walk away. I guess I missed you so much that I had to see you again, but the thing is I don’t even have the right to miss you, since I didn’t want to stay!’ Jim drives his hands over his face and through his hair, forcing his emotions in order.

‘It’s so hard you know, to move on when you’re whole world has changed. In these past few months I would drive by places we both know. My eyes would immediately let me know – that is the place where we had our first kiss, that is the place where we used to have our coffee dates, that is the place where we sit for hours and just talk about all the stupid shit this world has to offer. And all of those are really amazing memories, but the one that hurts the most is driving past the place where I lost the girl of my dreams! And it just sucks, you know!’ Jim drops his head to the ground, as the his tears runs down the side of his nose and plummets down onto the ground.

‘I know…. believe me I do.’ Veronica mentions.

‘I know you do. I don’t know why I came here Veronica, it isn’t fair to you. I guess deep deep down I just really wished that it wasn’t too late to turn around…’ Jim says, biting down hard on his teeth.

‘You know what I realized in these past few months while I have been building up the curious to face you again?’

‘Ah that you were an idiot for breaking my heart?’ Veronica boldly states.

‘Besides that.’ Jim smirks, but the expression is quickly replaced with a soul-wrecking expression.

‘I realized that I forgot to love you…’

Veronica is taken back by this and immediately drops her head to hide her expression.

‘And I took yours for granted and for that I am truly sorry Veronica. I’m so so sorry! All I ask is that you forgive me for all the wrong I have done to you. It was so messed up from me to break a heart who’s only intention was to love me.’ Jim manages to say through his dried up throat.

‘I forgive you Jim.’ Veronica says, staring at him through teary-filled eyes.

‘Thank you.’ Jim says, wiping his own tears from his eyes and turns around to head back to his car.

‘If you every feel like starting over or just want to go for a coffee, just give me a call and I won’t miss that phone call for the world.’ Jim says turning back to face Veronica.

‘I will, I promise.’ Veronica says as she looks upon Jim as he drives away from her for the second time, but she has a feeling that this time might be a whole lot different. Maybe, just maybe, she will see him again.


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